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Mostly Economics included in St Louis Fed’s Blog aggregator for economics research

April 11, 2012

Mostlyeconomics was part of a blog aggregator site called EconAcademics.Org.

The aggregator site has now been revamped and now hosted by St Louis Fed.

Happy to be included in the list of monitored blogs (quite a few though) which matter to economic research.

How Economic Sociology helps overcome shortcomings of traditional economic theory

April 11, 2012

A superb interview of Neil Fligstein is a professor of sociology at the UCB. (I cannot thank anymore. It is such an amazing resource)

There is a lot more similarity in socio and eco than we imagine:


When losers write history..a case of media industry

April 11, 2012

Matt Welch editor in chief of Reason magazine writes this terrific article (HT: the

The article is based on this idea of what happens when losers write history. So say there has been some changes in the society. It effects someone +ly (gainers) and someone -ly (losers). What happens when the losers write about these historical changes? They are going to be only bittter:


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