A primer on ECB/Eurosystem accounts and balance sheet

A very very useful article by ECB on its accounts and balance sheet in its April-12 Bulletin (click on this if first link does not work).

After working on RBI’s WSS (part-I and part- II) and ECB’s TARGET2 Balances, I am getting really interested in the central banking operations and balance sheets.

But I don’t think anything beats ECB and Eurosystem balance sheet in terms of complexity. Eurosystem balance sheet is humongous, summing ECB operations with 17 economies’ national central banks.

This primer should help clarify some doubts and lead to some more. Read this report keeping the ECB balance sheet in front for more clarity..

RBI econs should help us with a similar product….

2 Responses to “A primer on ECB/Eurosystem accounts and balance sheet”

  1. How Balance sheets of ECB, Fed and BoE have changed during the crisis? « Mostly Economics Says:

    […] useful. This read along with Eurosystem accounts primer is really helpful. Rate this: Share […]

  2. sachin Says:

    vox has published a really nice article on TARGET2 and why Germany should worry about its TARGET2 assets:


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