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Economic Case for Same-Sex Marriage

May 17, 2012

Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers have this amazing article on the topic. They pick up from where Gary Becker left.


How Boston Fed connects to the common man/real economy..

May 17, 2012

Boston Fed released its 2011 annual report recently..

It has three short articles/case studies on how it tries to stay connected to the common man etc. They call it Stories of Connecting:

Every day, the people of the Boston Fed connect with their world and their region. From identifying trends in data to encouraging collaboration among key populations, Boston Fed employees bring unique backgrounds and talents to their work to better the economic conditions for all in our region and nation.

Here, we share three stories of those connections.

The three connections are:

  • Cash During Catastrophe: Hurricane Irene tore through Vermont on August 28, 2011. The story shows how Boston Fed acted to provide  currency notes to the region as most currency in banks was washed away…Really interesting to read..
  • An Empathy Initiative: Shows how Ana Patricia Muñoz, a Senior Policy Analyst, connected with the Latino community using her common language skills and understanding of the community….interesting to see how much knowing the local language matters..
  • Beyond Monetary Policy: How Fed used mon pol to manage the falling growth and sentiment..this is pretty general stuff..

Interesting reading..

Cone of Uncertainty of the 21st Century’s Economic Hurricane

May 17, 2012

Just an amazing note by Avinash Dixit.  He looks at the possible scenarios world economy is likely to take in future.

He calls this crisis as a hurricane and uses the uncertain cone to build on his scenarios for the future.

First some humor from Dixit. Why the need to forecast? Barring the issues wrt forecasting:

indulging in wild speculation is simply too much fun.

 It is difficult to extract from this pdf as it prints a para in a vertical line of one word each. Hence not really pointing to key things. And anyways every word by Prof Dixit is important.

Must read from the first word…

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