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How universities helped transform the medieval world..

May 24, 2012

Davide Cantoni  & Noam Yuchtman have written this paper. The findings are in voxeu:

How does a new form of knowledge enter the public sphere and what are the consequences for economic activity? Today, thousands of students are pursuing university degrees in biotechnologies and computer sciences in order to enter the high-tech labour force or to become entrepreneurs. Do the institutions that train them generate economic growth? What roles can governments play in establishing educational institutions and supporting investments in the new forms of human capital they produce?

The paper looks at a natural experiment:


Government Cash Balances – Linkages with Liquidity

May 24, 2012

This is  the title of my new paper.

Might sound esoteric to most, but this government cash management has become a top issue recently. Thanks to its impact on liquidity in money markets. It was partly discussed in previous report on liquidity.

NY Fed released a paper on US Treasury Cash Management which is also discussed in my paper.

Comments/suggestions are welcome..


Celebrating 25 years and 100 issues of Journal of Economic Perspectives

May 24, 2012

JEP— One of the most readable economics journal  is celebrating its 25 years.

There is a special issue on the occasion.

Joseph Stiglitz the founder of JEP, writes a very good account of the reason for starting this journal and experience so far..

When Greece exited from Latin Monetary Union in 1908…

May 24, 2012

It is amazing how things hardly change. Something which to us is a freak life time  economic event, has apparently happened before.

Katrin Bennhold of NYT in this article talks about Greece exit (0r Grexit) from Latin Monetary Union in 1908:


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