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US States with better education, report lower unemployment

May 25, 2012

Edward Glaesar seldom disappoints. His writing style is just amazing.

In this new piece. he looks at state wise unemployment and analyses the reasons for differences.


How would Ronald Coase solve the monkey externality in Delhi?

May 25, 2012

An amazing post by Matt Kahn of Greenomcis Blog.

He does not answer the question but gives the problem a nice perspective. The monkey menace continues to rise in Delhi and there is no relief despite attempts. Kahn calls this an externality and asks:

How would Ronald Coase solve this externality?  Perhaps the monkeys should be paid to move away?

What do the visitors think?

Sweden – from Macroeconomic Failure to Macroeconomic Success

May 25, 2012

A nice paper by Lars Calmfors of Stockholm University.

Just 20 years back Sweden was going through a major crisis. And now it is much better off.


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