Krugman interviews

There are three  of them.

One in FT and the second in Spiegel. Promoting his book and talking about failure of austerity in Europe.

Here is some nice stuff from FT:

I ask him about his punchy and provocative style. How conscious is it? “I had already done some of it in Slate so I had learned some of it, but this [writing for the NYT] is even tighter. There is a craftsmanship of making it work so that somebody, whose ordinary instinct is to think oh, economics, boring, will actually read through your piece.”

What fascinates me, I say, is how he manages the output, particularly the quantity of blogging he is doing. Obviously Krugman is quicker than most people but how does he get time for anything else?

“I am still teaching. I probably work 70 hours a week but not 100 hours a week. But I am damned fast. I write faster than just about anybody in journalism, it turns out, which is interesting.”

I also came across an old interview in archives of IMF’s Finance and Development Magazine. This one covers his research work and transition to NY Times.

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