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The Inside Job effect – Economists to disclose conflicts of interest..

June 1, 2012

AEA members received this message recently:

Submissions to the AEA journals should conform to the AEA disclosure policy which states:


Essay contest only for Japanese University graduates

June 1, 2012

The stats section of my blog tells me there are a few visitors from Japan as well (amazing to know this really).

IMF and Japanese policymakers have organised an essay contest only for Japanese citizens doing graduation in Japanese Univiersities. The theme  is “Youth Perspectives on the Global Economy and the Role of the IMF”.

Interested people can participate..

Political Strikes: Opt-in or Opt-out?

June 1, 2012

This post is based on the Bharat Bandh (India Shut) yesterday.

The recent strike was called by the opposition party and some allied parties of the ruling government. The purpose was protesting against the petrol price hike of Rs 7.5/litre in one shot. Not discussing this issue as much is already known. Gulzar has an amazing post on this.

The strike bit is interesting from the behavioral econ perspective. Whether the strike should be an opt-in or an opt-out?


Facebook IPO vs. Indian economy..Some similarities

June 1, 2012

This is just a wild post.

Going by the facebook IPO fiasco and Indian economy slide, I couldn’t help but notice a few similarities:


Demographic Changes and Macroeconomic Performance: Japanese Experiences

June 1, 2012

Bank of Japan officials have been strongly emphasizing on the role of demographics in Japanese economy and recovery from the crisis. As per them, ageing Japanese population played a string role in slow recovery from the 1990s crisis. And many developed econs are in a similar Japanese position — Ageing population and deep financial crisis. hence, their recovery paths could also be slow and tardy like Japs.

This blog has continuously covered papers/speeches on demographic issues. I also wrote a paper on the topic.

BoJ goes a step further and has organised a conference on the topic. Its annual IMES conference is based on the demographic theme and its impact on macroeconomics. The papers are not still online so one has to wait.

The inaugural speech by BoJ Governor, Shirakawa is on the website. As always very interesting and more detailed than previous speeches on the topic.


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