Bank of England and Titanic Connection

The sinking of the great ship marked its 100th anniversary recently.

BoE website has some nice trivia on its connection with Titanic:

The ceremonies and events to mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Royal Mail Ship Titanic can hardly have escaped the attention of many but probably few know of the connection between the Bank and the ill-fated White Star liner.

After the disaster the Bank received claims for the replacement of Bank of England notes lost when the liner went down. The majority of claims came from those whose letters containing banknotes had been in Titanic’s post room. Other claims were from the relatives of those who had perished, and some from survivors. The documentation surrounding some of these claims can be seen until 10th November. None of these documents has been on public display before.
Three days after the disaster the Bank donated 250 guineas to the Titanic Disaster Relief Fund for the welfare of the relatives of those who had perished..

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