India: The Incredible Investment Destination…

It is amazing to see how much confidence our politicos have on Indian economy. Either we are too pessimistic and they too optimistic. The rift is widening with each passing day. The latest announcement on Rupee just shows the same. People expected something and what we got was  something very low-beat.

Here is a ppt put on FinMin website called India Factbook and the title of the post (huge 11 MB file) . It looks like this ppt is being used for roadshows to sell India growth story.

It is full of those glorious looking stats on India economy. It talks about how India is better placed than its emerging market peers on several fronts (yes doing business is one of them). It has all the fancy metrics and ignore mostly all the things which matter to people in India. It has some laughable stats on education etc. Clearly the glass is full!

I am really not sure. What is instead needed is a roadshow across the country! At a time when things look dodgy in India’s growth story with so much distress in citizens, we are wooing investors abroad. Amazing things happen in this country.


One Response to “India: The Incredible Investment Destination…”

  1. VS Says:

    People and investors have had enough of roadshows. And as you say, lets treat domestic capital properly before we clamor for foreign capital. Especially when developed countries anyway have a problem with debt, why are we intent on being dependent on them. I hope it is not some parasitic mentality in the government?.

    My sense is that in the last decade, India has perfected the art of selling, art of marketing, but it has not made progress under the covers – either in the government/bureaucratic machinery or in terms of education, infrastructure, policies, etc. We do not have the institutional or infrastructure depth to sustain high growth. And, we are good at talking the walk, but do not walk the walk. Since, talking and PR has worked in the past, we are intent on trying it again, even now.

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