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Reviving India’s corporate bond markets….

July 16, 2012

Another attempt to think on reviving India’s corp bond markets. The paper is by  Sanjay Banerji, Krishna Gangopadhyay, Ila Patnaik and Ajay Shah.


In finance, laws of supply and demand do not apply

July 16, 2012

A superb article in Economist on 4 laws of banking/finance (HT: Another finance sector bashing article.

The four laws are:

1. The laws of supply and demand do not apply. (In terms of wages of financial sector. More the applicants for i-bank etc jobs, higher are the salaries!!)

2. Success is down to my genius; failure is caused by someone else.  (Something which Prof. Kahneman put up nicely)

3. What is lucky for an individual trader may be unlucky for the bank as a whole (he may have taken higher risks to boost his bonus which is revealed later)

4. Resigning can be a retirement plan. (lol)

More to come…

The best money hiding places in Greece

July 16, 2012

A fab link showing pics of where Greeks are hiding Euros (HT: MR blog).  It is in German so you need to use some translator software…

The vacuum cleaner, the freezer, the bag of flour: the hiding of money..

Salvatore Vinci’s Greek friends are quite imaginative. “I was really surprised that everyone had such hiding places,” says the photographer. For months, accusing the Greek banks need to resolve the country’s citizens to keep their balances and cash. “I have friends who work in the bank, telling me that every day 80 to 100 million euros will be lifted,” said Vinci. He has photographed the €-hiding his Greek friends.We show his pictures.

See the link for more details..

Efficacy of Fed Monetary Policy: Comparing 1990s with 2000s

July 16, 2012

This is a startling note from Daniel L. Thornton of St Louis Fed.

He questions efficacy of monetary policy in raising output and employment. He compares  the mon pol trajectory in 1990s with 2000s. Research shows policy rates were tight in 1990s and easy in 2000s:


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