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Eurozone crisis seems to have entered second phase of capital flight crisis

August 7, 2012
Thomas Kressin of PIMCO says the Eurozone capital flight crisis has reached its second stage.
First the capital was flying from peripheries to core. Now it seems to be flying out of Eurozone together.
It just looks at SNB rising forex reserves to make this point. So not sufficient. Interesting nevertheless..

Why breakup of Eurozone be avoided: lessons from previous breakups

August 7, 2012

A food for thought paper by Anders Aslund of PIIE.

Someone who has worked extensively in the area of USSR break up and transition economies, he has some ideas. He looks at examples from previous break-ups and says Eurozone break up should be avoided at all costs:


Was Indian Growth Story Any Different?

August 7, 2012

This is the title of my new paper.

Broad findings:


ECB’s super environment policy..

August 7, 2012

ECB may be criticised for its monetary policy but is doing some amazing work on environment.

This blog has  been posting (one and two) on ECB’s policy to curb its carbon footprint and impact on environment. This involves things like lowering usage of resources like water, paper, electricity etc. They also try and nudge employees into not using cars to come to work by building bicycle stands and lesser number of parking lots! Employees are also encouraged to use more of video conferencing over taking jets etc to other places (though video-con also uses energy, but leaves lesser carbon footprint).

In this recent update ECB looks at the targets given in 2011. There has been progress on most fronts.


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