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The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel – Predictions for 2012

September 19, 2012

Every October of the month the buzz and excitement shifts to Stockholm for Nobel Prize announcements. There is tremendous excitement for the top econ prize as well. Based on this blogpost we should be careful while calling it Nobel Prize in economics. It is a prize in memory of Alfred Nobel and this distinction is important.

Robert Johnson of Anne Klein Communications Group alerts me to this annual prediction list by Thompson Reuters.

Their three predictions  for econ are (Econ prize to be given on Oct-15-12):

  • Sir Anthony B. Atkinson of Oxford University and Angus S. Deaton of Princeton University “for empirical research on consumption, income and savings, poverty and health, and well-being”
  • Stephen A. Ross  of Massachusetts Institute of Technology  “for his arbitrage pricing theory and other fundamental contributions to finance”
  • Robert J. Shiller of Yale Univ  “for pioneering contributions to financial market volatility and the dynamics of asset prices”

More details are there in the press release..

I doubt whether Prof. Ross or any finance guys can win as of now. Shiller is different..

Atkinson and Deaton are a great pick..Inequality and well-being is the top hot topic these days..And the award has been giving recently based on current issues..

What do guys think?

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