Some inspiring speeches we could look at..

Apologies for being off blogging for a while…..Have been on leave and could not blog ..

I could not track the recent shocking events in Delhi as much would have liked..And once again it points to the glaring and widening governance deficit in India. While trying to catch up witrh the various statements and views, one is really shocked even more. We as voters need to be really sensitive to the kind of people we have been electing to represent us.

Just heard another insipid speech from India’s PM….After the infamous “money does not grown on trees” speech here was another one…And it came after many such pleas and requests from public that why doesn’t PM address the nation during such times.

Incidentally, I was reading this interview on some best speeches selected by Clarence B Jones (former personal counsel, adviser, draft speech writer and close friend of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.). Visitors can help compile a similar set of speeches given by India’s leaders. It has been a while we have heard any such speeches/statements from our leaders.


One Response to “Some inspiring speeches we could look at..”

  1. Satvik Dev (@satvikdev) Says:

    Penguin came out with a ‘Words of Freedom’ series in 2010 to mark 60 years of the Indian Republic. Most of the book available on Flipkart. Pretty awesome collection…

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