Linking renewable resources leads to Maoist conflicts..

Nice paper by Devesh Kapur, Kishore Gawande and Shanker Satyanath. The shows how shocks to renewable resources leads to rise in Mao conflicts:

Is there a causal relationship between shocks to renewable natural resources, such  as agricultural and forest lands, and the intensity of conflict? In this paper we conduct a  rigorous econometric analysis of a civil conflict that the Indian Prime Minister has called  the single biggest internal security challenge ever faced by his country, the so called Maoist  conflict. We focus on over- time within-district variation in the intensity of conflict in the  states where this conflict is primarily located. Using a novel dataset of killings we find that  adverse renewable resource shocks have a robust, significant association with the intensity  of conflict. A one standard deviation decrease in our measure of renewable resources increases killings by 12.5% contemporaneously, 9.7% after a year, and 42.2% after two  years. Our instrumental variables strategy allows us to interpret these findings in a causal manner.

Apart from findings it has a nice lit survey on Maoist conflicts…


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