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Citizen’s Guide to Unconventional Monetary Policy..

January 22, 2013

Interesting title.

A primer on Unconventional Monetary Policy by Richmond Fed econs – Renee Haltom and Alexander L. Wolman.

And this one is for citizens.

Nudging to make MDGs more effective..

January 22, 2013

Nice paper by Varun Gauri of WB.

She proposes using the Nudge approach to simplify MDGs. This will make countries adopt them better:


Internship program at Dept of Financial Services, Finance Ministry

January 22, 2013

Another internship program at MoF, India. This one is at Dept of Financial Services, another dept in FInMin like DEA. Deadline is  10-Feb-13.

Unlike DEA which looks at mainly macroeconomic development, DFS (as the name suggests) looks at financial sector issues. Students interested in finance may be interested..

Pass on the word..

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