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Understanding financial crisis via Card Games…Bridge players vs Poker players

January 23, 2013

A terrific paper from Leonardo Becchetti, Maurizio Fiaschetti  and Giancarlo Marini ( Economics dept, University of Rome).

In card games, bridge players are seen as more team-believing and altruistic. In poker games, players are seen as individualistic and selfish. Apparently Akerlof and Shiller in their famed book suggested that there are more poker players these days which has led to current bad practices in financial markets.

The authors evaluate this hypo of  Bridge/ Poker players being more trustworthy/selfish. They find the hypo to be true:



Central Banking and mathematics

January 23, 2013

A superb speech by Dr KC Chakrabarty of RBI.

He speaks at  The Vivekananda Education Society:


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