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Rethinking Conventional Monetary Wisdom…

January 28, 2013

Steve Hanke of Cato institute writes a food for thought piece.

He offers a monetary tour to 2013 and points to 3 ideas for 2013:



From “Man-Cession” to “He-Covery”..

January 28, 2013

Silvio Contessi and Li Li of St Louis Fed have this nice short note on the topic.

They say the recent recession was basically a mancession where men lost more jobs thean women. Why? Because they formed higher share of employment in sectors like construction and housing. These latter sectors were affected the most in the crisis. hence men lost more jobs compared to women which were in sectors like education and healthcare.

And likewise recovery is basically a hecovery where recovery led to more men getting employed as the two sectors showed growth. However, recession has led to concerns on state finances which has impacted educaiton. So recovery has not impacted  women employed in education etc. However, faster growth will lead to jobs for women in otehr sectors:


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