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Wanted: A new Climate Agency under the World Bank

February 6, 2013

Nancy Birdsall and Lawrence MacDonald of CGDEV argue for a new separate arm to entangle and educate people on climate change  issues and complexities:

Climate negotiations have focused on reaching a top-down international agreement and, in recent years, on mobilizing a pool of financial resources, now to be channeled through the Green Climate Fund. There has been little discussion of the institutional arrangements for provision of nonfinancial services that would be seen as objective, technically sound, and politically credible—analogous to the research, policy, data, and poverty measurement at the World Bank, or the macroeconomic and financial reports of the IMF. Yet a range of nonfinancial, knowledge-based services are critical to maximize the effectiveness of whatever steps individual nations and the corporate sector take. This brief explains why the need for a new entity to provide these services has become urgent, describes the services that it would provide, and explores one possible path for filling the gap: the creation of a new arm of the World Bank.

Not sure whether another layer of bureaucracy is needed. But climate change has to become a serious agenda for sure. Before the crisis two issues hogged the limelight- demographics and climate change. Both have been sidelined. BoJ is the only  agency warning in demographics but nothing much on climate change except noise. Needs much more attention..

How Grand Old Party (GoP -Republican Party)of US can woo city voters? (Lessons for India’s GoP??)

February 6, 2013

Edward Glaesar of Harvard has this nice article on the hate relationship between city voters and GoP.

He begins showing how city voters rejected Mitt Romney:


Riding in cars with boys: Elinor Ostrom’s adventures with the Police..

February 6, 2013

Well, if I had a choice I would just close myself and read all of Lin Ostrom (and Vincent Ostrom) works.

In this brilliant paper by  the trio from GMU – Peter J. Boettke, Jayme S. Lemke and Liya Palagashvili- we get more flavor of the brilliance of Ostrom works. Superbly titled it tells you what Ostrom has been saying all along – decentralised instis work much better than centralised instis.

Prof Ostrom began her journey with Police services (whether cities need larger and more centralised police services), The findings were then extended to other areas like commons etc:


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