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How Washington is becoming the second city of US..

February 7, 2013

Nice article by Aaron Renn.

He shows how Washington DC is emerging as one of the best cities/regions in US:

The Washington, D.C., region has long been considered recession-proof, thanks to the remorseless expansion of the federal government in good times and bad. Yet it’s only now—as D.C. positively booms while most of the country remains in economic doldrums—that the scale of Washington’s prosperity is becoming clear. Over the past decade, the D.C. area has made stunning economic and demographic progress. Meanwhile, America’s current and former Second Cities, population-wise—Los Angeles and Chicago—are battered and fading in significance. Though Washington still isn’t their match in terms of population, it’s gaining on them in terms of economic power and national importance.


We face the dark night of the European soul…

February 7, 2013

An amazing paper/lecture from an amazing econ historian – Harold James of Princeton Univ.  The paper is given as part of T.K. Whitaker Lecture, organised by Central bank of Ireland. No matter how many papers you read on European crisis, there is scope for more. And intertwined with amazing European history as this one is.

He speaks on the design flaw of the EMU:


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