Why should President of India talk like Prime Minister/Finance Minister?

It was a bitter disappointment to read President’s opening speech ahead of crucial Budget session. I was amused to read some newspapers calling it a signal in

Firstly, the speech was just like any speech from PM/FM etc. It is like reading an Economic Survey of sorts with My Government thrown in between.  My last count showed he used the word My Government 52 times! I mean we know he heads the government. But why mention it so many times?

The speech hardly had any vision or anything beyond praising his govt and lauding its efforts for doing so much for India’s public. Really? What about the several negatives like rampant corruption and several policy errors.  Corruption being mentioned just once speaks volumes.

It is high time that Presidents use such forums to tell what its Government is not doing and should aspire to do. But how can they when they owe their Presidency to the ruling party and its politics. It is a pity that all offices in India are just boiling down to politics and strength of political parties. So you get elected just because of your affiliation with the ruling party.

And we have a President who has actually been a political leader of the ruling party for many decades. One does not expect much from him and that is a serious pity.

We hardly have anyone to hear for inspiration these days…Sad times..


One Response to “Why should President of India talk like Prime Minister/Finance Minister?”

  1. Amar Ranu Says:

    I totally agree. He was speaking as if this govt belonged to him. It is his first right. After all, the Congressnism would never die.

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