Navi Mumbai airport delayed..cost prices rise tenfold..

It was amusing to read the travails of Navi Mumbai airport y’day.

The CM of Maharashtra said there has been no proress on the airport and work hasn’t started yet. Moreover, cost to build it have tripled:

CM Prithviraj Chavan admitted Monday the state continued to struggle to acquire the remaining 291 hectares for Navi Mumbai International Airport and said as a result, the project cost had escalated three times. From Rs 4,766 crore in 2006-07, the cost has increased to Rs 14, 573 crore, he said in reply to a question by member Sanjay Dutt in the legislative council.

CM said the increase, from 40 lakh to 60 lakh fliers a year, in the proposed capacity of the airport was another reason for the cost escalation.

“The project will be completed in four phases, the first phase will require Rs 9,150 crore. We are facing difficulty in acquiring land. Price of land and compensation to be paid to the project-affected have increased,” said Chavan.

Who pays for all this? Citizens of course..

Actually, this is nothing new.  The real news would have been that work on the airport has finally started.   The casual nature via which infra projects are delayed in this country is just amazing.

This blog has been criticised  Navi Mumbai airport in the past and how politics is all there is to the airport. The hype around the airport has only done one thing – escalated property prices in Navi Mumbai region. The idea behind Navi Mumbai was to decongest Mumbai and provide a reasonable place for people to live around Mumbai.

However, thanks to the airport hype all that has happened is property prices have only gone up. Each developer fools people by telling you how far the airport is to the proposed property. It is as if people are going to fly to work. The builders are the ones who will keep benefiting  from this delay. The more the delay the more they can keep fooling people into the airport mess. With huge nexus between politicians and builders, no second guesses who benefits from all this. Why such tall claims were made ahead of the airport when land was not acquired?

It has been nearly 15 years since the airport was proposed and was given a nod in 2010 despite severe environmental issues. However, thanks to politics it was cleared. And despite a clearance no work has started.

But this is not just about thee NM airport alone. Around 2007 there was a report which pegged infra financing need of India at $500 bn. It was an underestimate and most expected it to be around 1 tn. However, there was a huge hype over infra stocks and companies. The government would talk about it and ofcourse nothing was done. The whole agenda was just populism which just wasted resources..

Five years later we have another report which pegs the need to $ 1 tn. This is again an underestimate and it could be around 1.5 tn. And again there is huge hype. We are being told how the government is doing Bharat Nirman (not India mind you) and again nothing much is happening  Blame games are being played and environment ministry is being dragged into controversy.

The real issue is there is no attempt to improve lives of  people. The more the delay the more the corruption and more the moolah to eb made. This has been the game for a while and remain. Infact, whatever roads are even built are really poor in quality. And then all the mindless redigging andd relaying escalates costs further. Sometimes digging for some water pipeline, gas pipeline, wires annd what not. Why can’t this planning be done earlier?

4 Responses to “Navi Mumbai airport delayed..cost prices rise tenfold..”

  1. Saurabh Says:

    Also consider these:

    1. Eight mega power project were announced when MMS was finance minister under Narsimha Rao Govt, we are yet to get 1 unit of electricity from them.

    2. We still rely on the rail infra of British Raj.

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    Navi Mumbai airport delayed..cost prices rise tenfold.. | Mostly Economics

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