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How do econs vote? A study of voting in German Council of Economic Experts

May 16, 2013

A nice paper from a political economy perspective.

German Council of Economic Experts is a special body for econ advice. I think it should be much like our EAC, which I think is more political than economic.

We usually look at voting patterns in central banks’ MPC. However, this CEA kind of thing also helps understand some interesting patterns:


Why reforms fail: Political-economy forces and agriculture in Africa

May 16, 2013

M. Ataman Aksoy of WBank has written this paper on the topic looking at reforms in Africa’s agricultural markets. He says the issue is not announcing reforms but sustaining them. What sustains reforms? Politics ofcourse.

He summarises the findings in voxeu:


How the Case for Austerity Has Crumbled..

May 16, 2013

Paul Krugman keeps hitting no matter what..

His latest piece in NYRB is on his favorite subject and also reviews three books in process. The three books are:

Those who follow his blog know what is to follow. One may and may not agree to what he says, but the simplified way he writes is really something all econs should follow. Prof. Krugman should also take writing lessons and blog on it apart from Keynesian economics..


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