Prof. Harini Nagendra wins the first Lin Ostrom Award

Prof. Harini Nagendra of Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environement (called ATREE, based in Bangalore) wins the first Lin Ostrom award.  There were eight other winners (both individuals and organisations) for their work on commons and ecology. The award is supported by several institutions.

‘Lin Ostrom award is in the memory of the great professor who I so wish had lived much longer. She died really early post her award and there was so much more to know of her works.

It is a super delight to see an Indian working in India getting recognition for such prestigious awards. Though it was the first Lin Ostrom award but is a very good recognition nevertheless. At the same time it is a pity that hardly anyone has really covered this barring TOI’s Bangalore edition. Hope there is wider coverage of her Prof Harini’s work in times to come. Citizen Matters website has a decent profile which also tells me how Lin was connected to Bangalore’s ecology and commons.

Here is Harini’s article on how Bangaloreans are not fighting to protect the Green city. This can be applied to most cities. The youth is hardly interested in preserving the environment compared to the older generations. Moreover, any fight for environment is seen as anti-economics and is discarded by most.

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