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Profile of Carmen Reinhart

June 3, 2013

Blogging has been really poor recently and is totally against the wishes of the blogger. ME hopes to resolve the issues in a few days and blog much more over the coming days. I keep wondering whether our econ models which sing wide praises on labor mobility know the hassles involved in the same. More on this later.

Anyways, whatever little I can lay my hands on am sharing with people. Came across this interview/profile of Carmen Reinhart, the econ much in focus. It is in IMF’s quarterly publication – F&D whose theme is another hot topic – women empowerment.

Interesting to note that Reinhart wanted to be into fashion. Like most top econs, she too came into eco by chance:

Had Miami Dade College offered a concentration in fashion design, Carmen Reinhart might never have become an economist.

Reinhart—the world’s most-cited female economist and coauthor of one of the most important economic books of the past decade—studied fashion merchandising instead.­

“I like art a great deal, and I like drawing. And I thought that, well, I really didn’t go to the right school to become a fashion designer. So, let me see whether I like fashion merchandising.”

She didn’t.­

“Fashion merchandising is how to become a buyer. It has really little to do with any kind of design . . . the artistic part of it.” She was convinced she’d made a poor choice.­

But the merchandising curriculum required her to take a course on the principles of economics. Her instructor, “a crazy old Marxist,” paired a standard textbook with Douglas F. Dowd’s critique of U.S. capitalism, The Twisted Dream. “And I found it fascinating . . . . I didn’t make a decision, ‘Oh, I’m going to become an economist.’ No, I made the decision that I was going to take more economics courses and see how I liked them. And I did.”

Nice bit. Discusses her work on crisis and long association with Ken Rogoff.


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