CSO to release key economic data at 5:30 ??!!

Crazy things keep happening. Just when I hoped BoP data would now be released during market hours, the reverse has happened.

Now CSO will release the 3 key data it is responsible for – CPI inflation (new series), IIP and GDP – post market hours at 5.30.  Why so?

  • The main reason would be to curb market volatility. Yes there is huge volatility but that is the whole point right. Who said markets are expected to be slow and steady.
  • Or is it because of the numerous mistakes CSO keeps making in the data making it both embarrassing and doubly volatile?

It would have been much better if the several govt officials were asked to stop commenting  the moment data is released. It is these comments which create unnecessary volatility and raise false hopes..

On one hand the govt keeps promising to liberalise markets and then keeps taking such strangulating measures…

One Response to “CSO to release key economic data at 5:30 ??!!”

  1. susashitbharat Says:

    It has mainly to ensure that they can fudge data for a positive bias in their favour. But nothing can change things on the ground…all discussions with people in the industry, SME, etc. point to extreme slowdown…you may also want to check out my blog about the economy since 2000 and how things have started to deteriorate since 2005 when the present govt came to power…

    I also now believe that it was the hard work during NDA that laid the foundation for good years in UPA 1…

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