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The economic consequences of being a smoker

July 12, 2013

Julie Hotchkiss and M. Melinda Pitts of Atlanta Fed coauthor this paper.

They say non-smokers get higher wages than smokers. Even one cigarette per day is enough to kickstart the wage differential:



The narrowing of the Australian University economics curriculum

July 12, 2013

This looks like a global problem but nothing much is done. Most places complain how econ curriculum has become narrow over the years focusing just on neo-classical and math related stuff (or should I call it math and econ related stuff!!) and ignoring the other areas like history, economic development etc etc.

As this blog keeps saying econs do not have a problem of just fixing economic policy but even economic teaching.

Here is another of such papers¬†which shows analytically how the econ curriculum has become narrower in Australia’s econ univs.:


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