Waking upto Bangalore’s water woes and economics of RO water purifier..

Relocating to Bangalore has been a wakeup call on many fronts. The blogger can easily see the huge urbanisation emergency facing India if things continue this way. The tragedy has already stuck our main cities and more cities are going to be added to the list. Some experts call India’s urbanisation a huge opportunity but this is ridden with huge assumptions and out of touch with reality. Or may be they are living in cities where these problems have not really come about. In that case they should name the cities hey live in, which will help people relocate to their city (and make it worse!).

Ok to the blogpost. Today I got another wake-up call on Bangalore’s deep water woes. Earlier one would read it but now it is time to face the music. This blog has lamented on the fact that all one sees around Bangalore is water tankers. So much so, middle class has got so used to them, that no one cares. All this in a city which bought India most of  the fame. Now, I realise how poor the quality is of whatever little water people get.

One is told if you get water from River Cauvery to your residence, then the water is softer and a simple purifier is enough. But this luxury is not available in a few areas (0r many, people with know-how please help me know). Rest of the places, we get hard water  contaminated with god knows what all. I got scared seeing the reading on water purifier meter post  purification of

The normal water purifiers are unable to fix this mess and one needs a RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifier. It is interesting how the failure to provide basic facilities is turning into business opportunities out of which some need rethinking like this RO water purifier.

Now RO water purifier takes your water and purifies it but in the process huge amount of water is wasted. Unlike, the other water purifiers where wastage is minimal, it isn’t the case with RO. I was told out of 1 litre of hardwater which goes in RO, we get around 40% water as drinkable and 60% goes waste.  This is a disaster and as this article shows it is leading to huge wastage of water. Another post shows how RO companies are leading to a water crisis..In cities like Bangalore where any water is luxury, this is just not done.

As I write this, I realise KENT water purifier company has released a new RO system which has 0% water wastage. I don’t know how the technology works. As it is more expensive than other RO products, it needs to be advertised on social consciousness front. It should offer exchange rate schemes for all existing RO products and help people replace the older technology which wastes huge water. Other RO companies should also wake up to this challenge.

On a much more macro scale, all these developments in India’s urban life point to two things – one, how ridiculous and difficult it is to becoming to live in urban India. Second, how people have given up on the government and figuring their own solutions ignoring the consequences.  Sometimes the consequences may not matter but in cases like these it has deep negative effects. In cases of lack of water, it first leads to things like borewell etc which deplete groundwater resources and then using RO waste so much of it.

In all this while, the governance is just sleeping. It is funny to read articles like these which say India’s cities need to wake up to municipal bonds. This is finance and is complex. The cities and its politics need to wake up to the crisis of availability of basic amenities in their cities.

On another serious note, I keep wondering why the Infosys and the Wipros continue to have businesses based in Bangalore? I am sure they will get much higher bang for the buck functioning elsewhere out of Bangalore and even India. The employees are likely to be happier as well as they will save much time which currently is spent honking car horns. Ironically, it will ease Bangalore’s rising immigrant population woes as well as it is unlikely we will ever get any governance solutions..

I can keep writing but need to stop here…

5 Responses to “Waking upto Bangalore’s water woes and economics of RO water purifier..”

  1. Aquafresh Says:

    Five stage award winning Dolphin RO from Aquafresh developed with latest technology and made after vast research is a perfect choice for steps to healthier life.

  2. vivek singh Says:

    This gravity water purifier is seems to be the best type of water purifier. It compare to be best with other types of water purifier. I am using electricity base alkaline RO water purifier from last 3 years and this seems to be the best option for water purification.

  3. Shoba Says:

    I use Pureit Water Purifier. It removes dirt and harmful germs from water and gives pure water. It is available in good affordable price. For more detail and Buy it online check out Pureit Website online.

  4. Sharma Says:

    The Kent Zero waste RO machie simply has a second tank for the waste water (50-50 is the normal split form most ro machines) that is then encouraged to be used for washing dishes, floors, watering plants etc. Basically an expensive but more attractive bucket and common sense idea

  5. Roshni Irani Says:

    I use Livpure RO water purifier as it is cost effective and requires low maintenance. Their Customer service is best. Till now I haven’t faced any issue related to water purification of this purifier.

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