Jackson Hole agenda leaked..

If there is one conference which a sleepy trader in Mumbai even looks forward to, it is the annual Jackson Hole conference hosted by Kansas Fed.  It is towards Aug end and keeps all people interested in markets awake.

Surprisingly, this year’s agenda has been leaked. This years’ theme is: Global Dimensions of Unconventional Monetary Policy.

It is usually top secret. Don’t know the mechanics of leaking. But one can trust market guys to get any info under the sun which matters to their bottomline. And Jackson hole surely did. 

The conference gets crazy  amount of focus each year as Chairman Bernanke usually announces his future policy agenda in the conference.  However, this year he had announced he would not attend the conference so much of the sheen of the event was gone. So say if Bernake was attending this year as well, people would have speculated on the message of his speech etc. 

It is also full of top econs who present much talked about papers. Apparently, this year many have given it a miss. Not sure whether it is by purpose  as they realise too much attention is on this conference or it is just a coincidence…

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