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How MIT’s PhD economics program developed over the years?

August 20, 2013

There has been some recent interest in how MIT shaped its economics department and the history of the program.

Here is an interesting paper by Pedro Garcia Duarte of University of São Paulo (FEA-USP).  He adds to the history of MIT econ department by writing on its PhD program:


RBI/Govt does a U turn its tight policy

August 20, 2013

RBI’s policy continues to be chaotic and confused. It is not really sure what it was doing earlier. Just reacting to whatever is happening in markets.

All this while it has been sleeping on debt market woes. Now, it has suddenly woken up as news of Rs 45,000 Cr loss in bank’s bond market position started to float around.

So in its new measures (yet another new policy) it has decided to support bond markets. So has it given up on Rupee? In that case these recent measures will also fail as markets are tracking Rupee movement more than anything else.

It has taken two  measures:


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