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Seeking philosophers in education sector..

August 22, 2013

The usually good columns from Anurag Behar (CEO of Azim Premji Foundation) tell you a lot about India’s education sector which is in a pathetic shape. Again it is about extremes in India. On one hand fifth class students are unable to read class one texts and on the other hand one needs 100% to get admission into a decent DU college. Ironically many get 100% which is a joke.

Anyways his recent column is a delight to read in this really depressing economic environment. He does not really talk about woes of education but on the importance of having philosophers in education sector. By this he means educationists which have a broader mind-set and philosophy helps here:


RBI’s TAC Committee — Split Wide Open…

August 22, 2013

RBI released the minutes of its TAC (informal MPC) y’day. Subba would be more confused after the meeting and perhaps would have thought it would have been better if I had not attended the same.

Earlier the  views differed on how much to hike/lower rates. Now it is all over the place.  No one is sure of what is to be really done.

Tracking TAC minutes released since Feb-11, one is likely to see how economic situation has changed in India in the last 2 years. The TAC members  themselves have been caught off-guard over what has happened in Indian economy..

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