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Why people hate economists?

September 3, 2013

A really interesting speech by Prof. Austan Goolsbee of U of Chicago (HT: Prof. Marek Hlavac’s website).

He looks at reasons why people hate econs (and why they don’t care, yes it in brackets). And moreover much of the hatred is reserved for U Chicago.

Nice read..



A course in economics which should be tried at other univs/institutes..

September 3, 2013

Tyler Cowen points to this interesting link  of a course description in economics. 

It is a course by Prof. Marek Hlavac (of Political Economy and Government) at Harvard.

The course is about studying the key ideas of Economists that won The Prize. 


RIP Prof. Coase…

September 3, 2013

A really sad news and a bad afternoon. Prof Ronald Coase passes away at 102.

He was still active at that age and demystifying China’s economy.

What an amazing career Prof  Coase had. Wrote two seminal papers in plain English which just addressed really basic questions especially the first one on firms. The one on social costs stumped the chicago econs. They thought the paper had an error!


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