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Short primers on Coase’s works…

September 5, 2013

Prof. Herbert  Hovencamp of (University of Iowa – College of Law) has this nice short article on Coase’s key works.

Prof Vivek Dehejia of Carleton University in Ottawa also chips in and pays his tribute..

3 factors that sum up emerging market growth and crash…

September 5, 2013

A brilliant piece by Prof. Ricardo Hausmann of Harvard Univ.

It is amazing to see all these pieces on downfall of emerging econs.  Not evry long ago they were the eyes of cynosure and have now become sore. What a volatile environment are we in.

Prof Hausmann points how emerging market econs grew in the last years and led to surge in demand. But was all this based on real factors? He says much of the growth was basically because of exchange rate appreciation, capital inflows and rise in relative price of exports:


How can RBI ban the “Other 80-20/75-25” housing finance schemes?

September 5, 2013

RBI recently banned certain innovative housing schemes called 80:20 , 75:25.  One would always like to ask how about the other finance scheme of similar name. Here one is forced to cough huge cash as black  amount as the token amount to get the house. The home loan things start much later. Even here the % of black is around 20-15% easily going upto as much as % as possible.

Under these schemes banks pay a certain % say 80% upfront to the builder. This creates several kinds of risks:


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