Khar residents find worms, insects in BMC water..(People in Bangalore will say big deal!!)

Indian express has this story:

More than five buildings on Chitrakar Dhurandhar Marg, Khar West, have been receiving polluted water from Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for over a fortnight. What has alarmed residents is the presence of worms and insects in the water in the last couple of days.

Sanjivani Kashikar, a resident of Naad Brahma building on CD Marg, said the tap water smelled foul at times in the past three months, but the problem aggravated in the last fortnight. “Last week, I complained to the BMC. Earlier, I thought there was a problem with my pipeline, but later learnt that residents from nearby buildings, too, were getting dirty water,” she said. Kashikar has complained to the BMC twice. On Wednesday, her domestic help found worms in the purifier’s filter slot.

Swati Sah, another resident, said the tank was cleaned a month ago so chances of dirt accumulating in it were slim. “I am sure BMC’s water supply is contaminated with sewage. The water has been noticeably stinky for the last three days,” she said.

People living in Bangalore will say big deal. Some would say we do not even know what comes in our water (before RO) and some would say well you atleast get water!!

Jokes aside, we need more reporting of this kind. Though am still new to the city, but water issues in Bangalore are appalling. I mean how many cities get their daily requirement of clean water via a hassle-free process.  The message has to go to the higher authorities of a different kind of crisis we are facing living in India. A crisis which requires serious action..

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