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RBI must keep its focus on growth, let government handle inflation??

October 17, 2013

ET edit pieces are getting strange these days. They do not want judiciary to interfere in anything as it harms growth and interferes with executive decisions. This completely ignores how dire the situation in India is where the executive is doing what it pleases and creating serious harm to long term growth potential (if anything remains that is).

Now TK Arun says RBI should focus on growth and government should handle inflation…Economics being turned around…

The analysis just looks at WPI and says inflation remains stubborn because of high food prices. RBI cannot do anything about food prices so give them a miss, The focus should instead be on growth and RBI should lower rates to boost investments and economic activity.



A ‘devastating’ global chocolate crisis in making..

October 17, 2013

Doug Bandow of Cato writes this funny piece. In a few places, The piece remained me of Bastiat’s famous petition to save candlemakers from sunlight.

He points how choc prices are zooming in recent years (it has exciting history of chocolate as well).


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