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Have Financial Markets Become More Informative?

December 19, 2013

Another of those papers which questions this while notion of financial and efficient financial markets.  It is by the trio Jennie BaiThomas PhilipponAlexi Savov.

They question whether this growth of finance industry has been any useful:


Explaining Modern Monetary Theory to children

December 19, 2013

Prof. Miles Kimball of University of Michigan has this nice article (HT: Mankiw). He links to textbooks which explain Modern Monetary Theory (the central bank pumping money to save economy) to kids.

There is both a coloring book and a colored book.

Superb stuff.

Oscar awards to movies/actors giving behavioral economics insights..

December 19, 2013

A terrific post by Cass Sunstein. He gives Oscars to movies which have beh econ insights (HT: MR Blog).

He gives the awards for Best – Actor, Actress, Director and Picture..


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