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How thinking over FDI has evolved in India?

January 20, 2014

Nice paper in last week’s EPW edition. It is by Sojin Shin (a PhD candidate in South Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore).

He tracks the thinking since 1969 and talks about three regimes:


Did political incumbents influence electoral redistricting in India?

January 20, 2014

Ignorance is both a source of bliss and frustration.

Lakshmi Iyer of HBS) and  Maya Reddy of McLean Hospital have this really interesting and informative paper on Indian political economy.Through, the paper I learnt of this very interesting political exercise called redelimitation (funny name) and its ramifications.

Electoral redistricting or redelimiting is a process by which boundaries of constituencies are redrawn to keep populations similar across. The idea is to neutralise the impact of population on electoral outcomes. The more populated a constituency that more likely it can have a candidate in the Parliament to represent former’s interests (atleast on paper). So the idea is to redraw these boundary lines once a while to make constituencies relatively equal.

In India’s case the process was done in 2006 after 1977 . The reason for such a long gap was that  states complained that this disincentivised their effort to lower population (well India is unique for nothing):


Indian economy and policy during financial crisis (2008)

January 20, 2014

Much is written and known. Still it is useful to keep revising what went on.

Deepak Mohanty of RBI summarizes how Indian policy reacted to global financial crisis. He begins showing how Adv econ central banks intervened during the crisis. Then the impact on EMEs and finally on India.

Like EMEs, India suffered two rounds of crisis – one in Sep-2008 as crisis started and two in May-2013 when the word taper buzzed. In both, the policy responses were different. In the first, India had huge cushion given the robust economic conditions. In the second, the conditions were not as great:


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