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How Inclusive Is India’s push for inclusive growth?

February 3, 2014

The paper is titled as  How Inclusive Is India’s Reform(ed) Growth? I just changed it a bit to make it more appealing.  It is written by Prof. M H Suryanarayana ( and Mousumi Das of IGIDR.

I am still reading the paper and is a fairly detailed one. But could not help posting given the insights.  The paper begins showing how the government has made efforts to push inclusive growth:


The rebirth of the Gandhi cap (from symbol of Congress Party to symbol of AAP)..

February 3, 2014

A nice piece by M.S.S. Pandian of JNU in recent EPW edition.

He points how the humble Gandhi cap has made a comeback due to Anna movement and AAP surgence to power. But then given AAP’s performance, the rebirth time might be much smaller.

There are two interesting tales on Gandhi cap from history:


Do we need highly cited departmental chairs?

February 3, 2014

Yes we do. Say the trio Amanda Goodall, John McDowell, Larry Singel in this voxeu column.

They help improve the overall reputation of the department.

Much of human knowledge is produced in the world’s university departments, yet little is known about how these hundreds of thousands of departments are best organised and led. This column explores the association between the personal research output of a department head and the department’s subsequent performance. Results suggest that if a department wants to improve its reputation in the world, then the chair should be a highly cited researcher.

But then this is at best going to be for a short time. What matters more is what the cited researcher does as a department chair. Does he/she lead the way  to improve the performance of the dept as a whole or just sits pretty on the laurels and newly found acclaim?

Before revamping mon pol framework, rethink governance at RBI first…

February 3, 2014

Just a while back, we were discussing how the government is interfering  in RBI’s affairs. There were talks of government threatening RBI’s independence by trying to meddle in functions of the central bank. So much so it forced the usually quiet RBI former governor to be quite vocal towards the end of his tenure.

Now post regime change in Sep-13, we are looking at a different problem. The issue now is how RBI is trying to undermine the Parliament by doing things as it pleases. It is even more surprising how there is no noise from either people in the Parliament (who understand what is going on and some do), media and experts. The same media which disliked the other institutions from getting into Parliament’s affairs (like courts, CAG etc) has been really quiet on this matter. Why should this  be?

The usually good Haseeb Drabu nails the issue:


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