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IPL as a sport vs IPL as an auction platform…

February 12, 2014

In today’s auction covered really well by, someone asked – Is IPL Auction better than IPL game? Indeed it is. IPL as a sport keeps finding new lows with all kinds of stories, IPL as an auction platform keeps becoming more interesting .

There is so much to learn here in terms of auction theory, overbidding/underbidding, managing resources, team strategies, balancing team (as in balancing a portfolio of a mutual fund), valuation of players going up and down (from previous auctions) etc etc.n

The impact of Ashes was really strong as barring Kevin Pietersen no English player got any favors. And then Eng even plays Sri Lanka during IPL time this year. So, No bidding even for Sri Lanka players. On the other hand Aus players continue to command a premium.

Some players like Yuvraj, Dinesh Kartik seem to have been bid aggressively and  most people said they were overbid. Others like Ross Taylor who seem to be in great form got no bid. The hyped Corey Anderson got a lower than expected bid as by then most had run out of cash. Indian pacers (if one can call them that) were not much in demand barring Shami who seems to be the only hope.

I can go on and on..

Fascinating to see and learn..

A Century of Central Banking: Was the Fed a Good Idea?

February 12, 2014

A nice discussion at Cato Institute on the topic.

Four people from different  streams discuss whether Fed/central banks are a good idea:


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