How the idea to revamp Global Cricket Governance model came from UN..

When the proposal to revamp cricket governance came out, it was hugely controversial. The proposal suggested that cricket in future shall be governed by three major powers- India, Eng and Aus. This led to troubles amidst other members who were unhappy being marginalised.

Even then, there were thoughts how the structure looked like a mini-UN kind with a permanent member security council.

Cricket Australia chairman Wally Edwards in this excellent and frank interview explains the need for these changes. Whether you like it or not, idea was to keep India happy.

How early after the Woolf report was tabled in 2012 were you thinking in terms of alternative governance models for the ICC?
When did I start thinking about it? It was handed down at my second meeting, and I’d already started talking to Srini [N Srinivasan, BCCI president] about what he thought about life before that. That was one of my primary aims when I became chairman, to try to find out from Srini and others what they thought about the ICC, where it was at and how we could improve it. There was a lot of complaint about it – I didn’t understand it until I got there and spent 6-12 months talking to people.

The idea of having permanent members for the smaller ExCo committee is a salient one. Did that come about at your suggestion?

I can’t remember where it came from, to be honest. Certainly we talked a lot about the idea of how the United Nations works, with a few nations leading the organisation a little more, a la the UN Security Council, but it was fairly obvious that if we, the three bigger nations, didn’t take a bigger leadership role, no one was going to. It was a matter of putting your hand up and saying, “Look, let’s see how we can make this place better.” The last thing Australia would want is a takeover of the ICC. That whole concept’s ridiculous. We don’t need that. We want to see ICC a very productive and good organisation for world cricket, and that’s all I’m trying to do.


Overall an interesting piece which gives details on why the need for this change and what to expect. It is all going to be centred around India. India has not managed to convince the west of getting a seat in UN, but surely has become like US hegemony on cricketing terms.

This in many ways reflects much of what is going on in Indian economy too. The west is not really worried over quality of institutions and frameworks. They just want to ensure business with India continues.

Given the controversy around IPL and the hugely political way in which cricket is run in this country, no one really has the courage to tell India to fix its institutions. They all know money is all that matters and it is going to be made in this cricket crazy country. India clearly has the fan base which all countries combined also cannot match.

But then much of UN has also run in this fashion as well. So there is nothing really unique about this cricket model.



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