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How US universities have become like shopping malls…

March 25, 2014

A food for thought piece by Prof. Paula Stephan ,of Georgia State University.

She says how US university’s sources of  funding model has changed from federal govt to external sources. This is because universities have become research houses and want more and more funds to stay ahead of the curve. This has negative consequences:




Reading to teach or teaching to read…

March 25, 2014

Robert Pondiscio (ED of CitizenshipFirst, a civic education initiative based at Harlem’s Democracy Prep Public Schools, and a former fifth-grade teacher) writes this interesting article.

We usually think reading is an important way to teach a particular concept/issue etc. But what if we do not know what to read at the first place. He points how students have stopped reading important things and missing the broader picture. The more variety you read the better it gets.

Moreover, the focus of primary education remains on improving math scores. Not much credit is given to importance of reading. (Interestingly, this concept of reading to teach applies to economics as well..):



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