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The chartbook of economic inequality across the select economies (including India)

March 26, 2014

Inequality trends has taken over the world economy and  captured the interests of economists.

Tony Atkinson and Salvatore Morelli introduce to this superb chartbook on inequality in this voxeu piece. The chartbook captures trends for more than 100 years across twenty-five economies including India.

Even better is it has this common set of questions for all the countries which help understand the trends.

For India this is how it stands:


How target balances actually signal the strength of ECB system and not weakness…

March 26, 2014

The topic of Target imbalances which was in rage in 2011-12 has subsided big time. It hardly makes news now as EZ crisis has eased significantly as well..

Most then had suggested that TARGET imbalances showed the weakness of EZ system as it allowed weak countries to be bailed out by stronger ones. Thus creating imbalances. However, you now how economics is. There is always an alternative story to be tol.

Michael Bordo, eminent econ historian in this voxeu article defends the TARGET system. He says it shows historical lessons have been learnt!:


Reasons for India’s slowdown..

March 26, 2014

Nth paper on the topic. This one is by IMF econs Rahul Anand ; Volodymyr Tulin.

They say the slowdown is mainly because of policy uncertainty. The latter is measured by an index developed by Scott Baker and others:



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