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A journal on history of economic thought..

April 18, 2014

Had a wow moment last night. Got an email informing me about this journal on history of economic thought (HET). There are couple of other interesting journals too like the famous real world economic review and so on. This RWER journal has shifted to this WEA platform..

The 2014 first edition of JHET has an article on the most burning issue- Should the History of Economic Thought be Included in Undergraduate Curricula? It is written by Alessandro Roncaglia.

Ofcourse it should be. HET should be part of all levels of economics programs (undergrad and grad). Given how much people quote the old economists it is really important that contexts are understood. Most of us just pick quotes/ideas randomly from the  past without reflecting on the context and history. Much of economics is about ideological battles which come from the past. Why this subject is not taught anymore beats me completely.


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