War of words over Gujarat’s growth model…

As world econs debate Piketty, Indian econs are debating the growth models of states (read Gujarat) given the huge elections at stake.

Well there are only a few economics issues on which one gets to read active and vociferous debates from Indian economists. I mean there must be many such debates (as there are huge ideology differences in economics) but one does not get to read them. And as always the source of such debate is EPW.

So here are the articles:

  • It all started from this EPW article on 12Apr-2014 by Maitreesh Ghatak of LSE and Sanchari Roy of University of Warwick, the UK. They analyse looking at whether growth accelerated in Gujarat during the Modi regime and their answer is that there is no evidence of growth accelerating under Modi regime.
  • This has led to slew of articles by other scholars to and to each Ghatak et al have replied.

Interesting stuff. Am still trying to follow the nuances of each of these responses and rejoinders. The authors question the evidence presented in all these papers which helps build on the debate.

If anything, atleast it has led to interesting discussion using econometric techniques etc to figure the eternal truth. So one can see the advantages and limitations of these techniques and understand how one looks at these things like structural breaks etc.


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