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History of cricket in India and BCCI

April 29, 2014

I have always been curious about BCCI as an organisation and its historical foundations. Given the mess BCCI is in and its huge political clout, have always wondered how did this thing start?

Came across this really interesting description of history of cricket in India and what led to formation of BCCI. It is on BCCI website. It started in 1926 with a discussion to induct India into ICC:


Currency management in India – issues and challenges…

April 29, 2014

One wishes central banks talked more about other issues they tackle other than mon policy.

This is a really interesting speech from RBI Dep Guv. Dr KC Chakrabarty (slightly dated) on this really interesting issue of currency management. People can choose to ignore what central banks do in mon pol but currency policy  is something  which no one can choose to ignore. Any policy change with respect to currency issues is followed and understood by all.

The speaker touches on several issues in currency management in India:

  • Demand and supply of currency notes – both process and trends are discussed
  • Demand and supply of factors that lead to currency production
  • Security and counterfeit issues

Useful stuff. May be with digital currency etc. one looks at other kinds of currency management challenges in future. 

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