Public Institutions in India: Performance and Design..

I have been reading this  book —  Public Institutions in India: Performance and Design. It is edited by Pratap Bhanu Mehta and Devesh Kapur.

The book has excellent essays written by scholars on various kinds of public institutions in India:

  • The Indian Parliament
  • The Presidency
  • Institutions of Internal Accountability (CAG, CVC etc)
  • India’s Judiciary: The Promise of Uncertainty
  • The Police in India: Design, Performance, and Adaptability
  • Civil Service: An Institutional Perspective
  • Reserve Bank of India: A Study in the Separation and Attrition of Powers
  • India’s Federal Institutions and Economic Reform
  • New Regulatory Institutions in India: Whate Knights or Trojan Horses?
  • A Rising Tide of Demands: India’s Public Institutions and the Democratic Revolution

It is one of its kind book which gives good insights into these instis. Much is written about them without a meaningful understanding of their origins and design.For instance the chapter on police in India. Police is pretty much part of our daily lives given its role in law and order. But we hardly know much about the service. The chapter gives a good understanding of how the police system has evolved and why it is in its current shape.

A good pick for people who want to learn about the various kinds of public institutions at one place. Though, I would have preferred more political kinds of institutions like the district level administration, village level and panchayati raj institutions etc.

Great stuff..

One Response to “Public Institutions in India: Performance and Design..”

  1. archies Says:

    is it relevant today? for 2016. Book is of 2007. many changes took place after that.

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