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Why do nations succeed/fail in educating their people?

May 19, 2014

Denis Cogneau and Alexander Moradi do a Acemoglu/Robinson model on education. They show how colonial education institutions planted then continue to impact education outcomes in current times as well.

And once again, it is in British colonies where we see favorable impact:



Statistics from 16th Lok Sabha Elections…

May 19, 2014

What a weekend! As the results flew and shocked one and all, the blogger wishes he was a political analyst. I mean this election will generate many a thesis and books in coming years. It was as some news channel said – Perfect Tsunamo just stormed the Indian political scene.

Anyways, EPW has these two interesting pieces – first a stats page where one can look at the overall numbers and look at the state-wise map for seat distribution.

Two, is this piece looking at the reasons for the huge voter turnout in the elections. It was pretty much an anti-UPA wave. Such high turnouts were seen in the past as well when people voted in large numbers to throw out the incumbent:


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