From PMO India’s Twitter handle to PMO India’s Archives twitter handle

A really interesting development yesterday completely missed by the blogger.

Well, one was also expecting a difficult transition from the outgoing govt to the new one. But to imagine this transition will be as difficult in the digital world as well, was not imagined.

So PMO India twitter handle has been converted into archives. It  says : Archival material under the RTI Act for  till 20/5/2014. will be available shortly. PMO India office twitter has become a bland page with zero tweets but has quickly risen to 15,200 followers.


So the new PMO will have to start afresh and this makes the whole episode really political. There have been no explanations on wh it has been archived under RTI act. I mean even if RTI applies, the account could have just been transferred. 

A really fascinating case study on how outgoing political power fights the transition battle  in the digital world. Who do these several twitter accounts of Ministries belong? Will other Ministries also do the same thing?

There was a time when people said internet will change the democracy as politicians are clueless about it. There were few others who said one does not understand that politicians are really clever and will learn these tools if they see them as beneficial. The latter have indeed been proven right. Right from using it as a tool to build followers to creating these transitional issues, the digital space is giving good competition to the real world.

Nice political stuff.

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