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Did German Jewish emigrants help spur innovation in US?

May 30, 2014

Petra Moser of Stanford University looks at the issue and debate around it in this Cato research note. The note is based on a paper by written by the author along with others.

In all their research shows that the immigrants did help push innovation in US..


Profile of Chris Pissarides and review of his work on labor economics…

May 30, 2014

IMF has a great review of an economist who is hardly known – Chris Pissarides.  And this despite getting “the prize” on the topic “which is one the most relevant” – labor markets.

The interview has this rare case of an eminent economist admitting his policy error – pushing Cyprus into adopting Euro:


Simplifying tax filling and increasing compliance — a behavioral experiment

May 30, 2014

Jan-Emmanuel De Neve and Cait Lamberton explain this simple way to simplify taxes and increasing compliance. They say by making taxpayers more voice in the whole exercise of taxes generates positive results.

They start in a nice way saying one is not sure what citizens dislike more – taxes or death :-):


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