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Balancing environment with economic development — Some thoughts for the new Indian government

June 16, 2014

Ramaswamy Iyer of  CPR and a water expert does a great balancing act of conserving the environment and developing the economy. He says it not a this or that choice but this and that choice.

GDP obsession could make us all feel sorry if we compromise on environment:

There are some worrying signals from the new government in New Delhi that it could compromise on environmental concerns in the pursuit of more rapid growth: clearances could be given quickly (i e, environment protection requirements will be loosened), the Land Acquisition Act could be diluted and more. It may be more useful if we shake ourselves free of the obsession with GDP growth rates and try instead to make India a caring, humane, compassionate, equitable, just and harmonious society.

Nice bit..

Book Review: Fatal Equilibrium

June 16, 2014

Just finished reading the second of the murder mysteries written by Marshall Jevons- Fatal Equilibrium. The blog reviewed the first mystery.

This one is bit of drag as the plot begins much later. The authors begin with the murder right away but takes a while before the plot starts and thickens. And suddenly it is all over making you wonder and wanting more.


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