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Improving education via fixing basic classroom processes..lessons from Bihar

June 27, 2014

Amarjeet Sinha, former Principal Secretary of Department of Education in Bihar has a nice article on improving education standards in Bihar.

He says much is about fixing the basics:

Fixing the classroom process is no rocket science. It needs removal of governance and infrastructure deficits, thrust on teacher development, greater community interface with schools, and most important of all, strengthening of teacher development institutions that link with schools in promoting excellence

Nice bit. Hope much of the changes are made across most schools (if not all). If the processes are right, results will follow as well.

When will autos/taxis use meters and behave properly in our cities/towns?

June 27, 2014

Perhaps never.

Came across this post by a lady living in Bangalore (HT: Nitin Pai). Yet another case of a commuter being harassed by auto-rickshaw driver in Bangalore. It is amazing to read such cases over and over again across cities in India. I mean it is not even shocking anymore. And to see it happen in cities like Bangalore is such a joke on India urbanising, growing and shining. One can just imagine the plight in smaller cities (perhaps they may be better given lack of demand).

Why can’t the auto/taxi drivers use meters to drop/pick commuters in cities? Why should a person haggle over the fares each and every day? Why should anyone overpay crazily to reach from one place to the other? Is it so difficult to ask these people to follow basic rules and procedures?


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